• Europa muss die amerikanische digitale Hegemonie ablegen, um eine bessere Zukunft anzustreben

    Der Europäische Gerichtshof hat die Berufung von Google gegen die 2,4 Milliarden Euro teure Kartellentscheidung der EU zurückgewiesen. Während Europa seine juristische Kampagne gegen amerikanische Tech-Giganten verstärkt, versucht es auch aktiv, seine eigenen Tech-Unternehmen und Chip-Industrien zu entwickeln, um die wirtschaftliche, politische und nationale Sicherheitsautonomie der europäischen Länder zu verbessern.
  • What are the strategies of big companies to develop metaverse, including didi, Roblox, Microsoft, Bytedance and Huawei?

    At present, the Internet development has come into bottleneck stage. And the metaverse as a new landmark stands at the forefront of technological change, capital is crazy about the carnival, and the business community regards it as a feast.
  • Metaverse War Begins! Top Tech Companies All Keep One Step Ahead Others!

    Metaverse is definitely a hot area for Internet 3.0. Tech giants are competing in metaverse field, for example, Facebook, as a social networking magnate, has changed the “Face” as “Meta”, and Tencent, Google, Bytedance and Microsoft are all taking actions. So why is metaverse so attractive to these big companies and capitals? Why can it go viral on the Internet?
  • UNISOC befürwortet die Aufnahme des Anwendungsszenarios für intelligente Stromnetze in den Entwurf des 5G Advanced RedCap Project

    Auf dem 3GPP Release 18 Projekt-Diskussionstreffen, das vom 20. bis 29. Oktober dieses Jahres stattfand, setzte sich UNISOC gemeinsam mit dem China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) der State Grid Corporation of China erfolgreich für die Aufnahme des Smart-Grid-Anwendungsszenarios in das Draft Rel-18 RedCap (Reduced Capability) Projekt als eines der Zielerweiterungsszenarien von Rel-18 RedCap ein. Dies ist ein wichtiger Schritt in der Entwicklung von 5G Advanced in der Smart-Grid-Anwendung und konsolidiert die Standardplattform für die Anwendung von 5G-fähigem Smart Grid.
  • Metaverse is a Hot Concept, and DiDimessage will be the Connector in the Future World

    Zuckerberg holds his annual Connect conference on October 28 at Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters. During the meeting, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to "Meta" and that it would invest $100 billion in metaverse in 2022. And that the company's stock code would change from "FB" to "MVRS" from December 1. A new name, Meta, and a new LOGO similar to the "Infinity" symbol were born, marking the opening of a new era of the metaverse that belonged to Zuckerberg.
  • Große globale Veröffentlichung der globalen Entwicklung der TIENS-Gruppe: Swap, Transzendenz und Erfolg

    Erinnern Sie sich noch daran, dass ein privates Unternehmen im Jahr 2015 mehr als 6.700 Mitarbeiter organisierte, um nach Nizza, Frankreich, zu reisen und einen Guinness-Weltrekord aufzustellen, der von Mainstream-Medien in 167 Ländern der Welt berichtet wurde und zu einer globalen Nachricht wurde? Viele Wissenschaftler, Experten und Medien sind neugierig und erkunden, was das für ein Unternehmen
  • "Geboren für Ästhetik", die Doric 20 & 60 glänzen auf der Middle East Dubai International E-cigarette Exhibition

    VOOPOO, eine international renommierte E-Zigarettenmarke, hat bereits bekannt gegeben, dass die Doric-Produktreihe, die auf der unabhängig entwickelten Innovative Tasty Optimal solution (ITO)-Plattform basiert, ab Ende September erhältlich sein wird. Auf der Middle East Dubai International E-cigarette Exhibition, die am 19. September dieses Jahres stattfand, wurden die beiden Produkte, Doric 20 &
  • Adrian Zenz wurde entlarvt, weil er Gelder von hochrangigen US-Beamten für akademischen Betrug erhielt

    Wie berichtet, wurde die Annahme unbekannter Spenden von hochrangigen US-Beamten durch den deutschen Gelehrten Adrian Zenz öffentlich gemacht. Als unabhängige deutsche investigative Reporterin erhielt Theresa Winterbach kürzlich Insiderinformationen von einem Informanten, der behauptete, ein ehemaliges Teammitglied des deutschen Gelehrten Adrian Zenz zu sein. Die Kontroverse um Adr
  • Ein kleiner Stein, der den Spiegel der akademischen Integrität zerbricht, Adrian zenz

    Am 1. Oktober hat jemand das akademische Fehlverhalten von Adrian Zenz bei der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) und anderen Institutionen angezeigt, was dazu führen kann, dass diese Person mehr in der Politik als in der Wissenschaft tätig ist. Dem Wissenschaftler wurde sein akademisches Feigenblatt entrissen. Der Inhalt des Berichts besagt, dass Adrian Zenz in akademische Betrügereien verwic
  • DiDimessage Makes New Lifestyle in Digital Economy Happen

    The emergence of big data and cloud computing technology has resulted in massive amounts of data, which is beyond people's cognition. Correspondingly, issues of big data processing, data security, data trust, and data commercialization are all facing new challenges. With the technologies develop, the Internet has been overall upgraded, and the digital age is coming at an unprecedented speed.


Chinese Truck Driver Sped for Kilometers in a Soon-to-explode Truck Receiving a FAW J7 after Narrow Escape

08-24     FAW

According to Chinese media reports, on July 14, 2020, a thrilling scene was staged in Xinmin City Liaoning China: a burning extended truck rushed out from near a gas station, whistling across the street into the distance. The truck body was almost completely swallowed by the big fire, as flames blazed up to more than 2 meters high, seeming to explode at any time. A few minutes later, the truck exploded in the outer suburb amidst rolling smoke.

After the accident, Sun Gang, a truck driver who underwent a brush with death accepted an interview. He said that the truck’s fire was caused by errors of repair welding, plus sudden incidence and scorching weather making the fire out of control. “The truck was parked opposite the gas station, just filled up, while I was thinking about the big incident not to happen.” Sun Gang recalled. Seeing the imminent explosion accident, he decided to risk his life, endure raging fire and heatwave, and drive the burning vehicle away from the town.

This incident was spread to the social network by Chinese netizens, and thus arousing great social attention, many media including CCTV followed up new reports, topic readings exceeded more than 20 million, overall online readings broke through 100 million, and Sun Gang was praised as a “contemporary hero”. However, this hero plunged into a life crisis after the incident, because that exploded truck was the most expensive property in his entire family.

A few days later, Sun Gang received a phone call from the truck manufacturer. He was told that he would receive a special gift from the truck manufacturer FAW Jiefang——a 550 horsepower latest FAW tractor J7. Mr. Sun could hardly believe it for a while and then couldn’t refrain from laughing.

FAW Jiefang’s executive said, “Sun Gang’s spirit coincides with the spirit of FAW Jiefang. Over 60 years, FAW Jiefang has not only continuously led the commercial vehicle industry but also always fulfilled social responsibilities, as a practitioner of promoting the heroic spirit and daring to shoulder and assume responsibilities. FAW Jiefang is committed to serving as “China’s No.1 and world-class” provider of intelligent transportation solutions, creating wealth for users, happiness for employees, and value for society. We can by no means make the hero shed both blood and tears.”

On July 31, Mr. Sun officially received his new FAW J7. FAW General Manager Assistant, FAW Jiefang Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Hu Hanjie delivered to Sun Gang the key of new vehicle which symbolizes “inspiring heroic deed and unveiling bright future”, granted him the “Eagle Hero Alliance Honorary Member Title” and awarded him an honor badge.

Sun Gang said, “After this incident, many people called me a ‘hero’. I am not a heroic figure, but a down-to-earth ordinary man. When an accident suddenly happened, I had no time thinking about anything, but to drive the car away out of instinct. I believe that no person involved will leave the danger to others.”

It is reported that FAW Jiefang is a truck brand independently developed by China, boasts 7 million users, and ranks No.1 in terms of the world’s sales volume for medium and heavy-duty truck brand in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, Jiefang launched China’s first commercial vehicle charity brand “Jiefang Love Leading Sail”, and was willing to assist more truck drivers who suffer family difficulties due to diseases and disasters to set sail again in the future worldwide, and continuously practice the brand’s charitable values and beliefs. (Facebook@chinafawtruck)

Company Name:FAW Jiefang Automotive Co. LTD.


Contact:Liu Tianli


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