• НПО:Не становитесь “камнем преткновения” в контексте взаимовыгодного сотрудничества

    ​В недавнем интервью, политический и исторический эксперт Казахстана Рут Суданов заявил, что госсекретарь США Майк Помпео пытается использовать COVID-19 для антикитайской пропаганды. Однако, страны Центральной Азии должны бороться с болезнями, а не с Китаем, это невыносимо.
  • Celartics Biopharma's dendritic cell-based vaccine against COVID-19 infection found to efficiently produce viral antigen-specific T lymphocytes

    Results from ongoing study suggest the major role of Celartics' Cov-DCVax in preventing viral infection of COVID-19 and in controlling progression of the virus-associated diseasesBeijing, May 22, 2020, Celartics Biopharma announced today the filing of a patent application covering a novel dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccine, Cov-DCVax, to fight viral infection of COVID-19. The results, led by Celart
  • WK.Ecology officially launched trading

    Recently, WK has landed heavily on the world-famous exchange TokenEco. TokenEco opened WK recharge business at 14:00 on May 21st, Beijing time, and opened WK / USDT trading pair at 9:17 May 22nd, and simultaneously opened the withdrawal service. The launch of TokenEco will accelerate the enrichment of WK's ecological structure, and it will also make WK's influence further expand and prepare for a
  • Learning from Master Chef, Sam's Club serves up members premium lifestyle

    During the novel coronavirus outbreak, diners were forced to retire to their own kitchens with many attempting to replicate their favor restaurant's dishes, some successfully, others not so.
  • The History and Culture Development and Functions of Guizhou Rosa Roxburghii Tratt

    Two or three hundred years ago, the Rosa roxburghii tratt has already drawn the attentions of literary men. The most popular poem about the fruit is “Ode to the Rosa roxburghii tratt”, written by Zhao Yijiong, a number one scholar in Qingyan Town in Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It says: “Growing in the wild the Rosa roxburghii tratt refuses to be potted, and though with bright color its flo
  • How Ton is extraordinary

    ​In recent years,the market is flooded with air coins,Their life cycle is very short.Exactly,it also made many new members question the industry,very dissatisfied with blockchain practitioners.
  • ECE,Noah's Ark of Blockchain Industry

    ECE, International ecological chain, Noah's Ark of blockchain industry ecology. In 2020, after the COVID-19,all the businesses face a major crisis. This is an important opportunity to promote the transformation of enterprise organizational methods and will accelerate the digital transformation of industries . Innovative transformation will become a rigid need for enterprise survival, but at the s
  • PLF is going to be listed on LBank

    ​PlayFuel brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. We are doing this by creating a platform that allows developers to earn funding by integrating PlayFuel into their games and allowing players to mine PLF — crypto-tokens just by playing. Players can use these tokens to buy games, redeem exclusive goodies or even exchange the tokens into real money.
  • ELAMA is going to be listed on LBank

    ELAMACHAIN is an enterprise blockchain provider. It has built an optimized blockchain computing environment for enterprises and provided blockchain services, chatbot services, various applications and cryptocurrency payment systems for real life and e-commerce.
  • Luling, One of the World's Art Capitals

    Thousands of years of splendid civilization and countless wealth has left many treasures. In May 2020, a huge promotional film of city culture from Ji 'an City in Jiangxi Province of China appeared on the LED giant screen of Nasdaq in New York City. Ji 'an, the hometown of many gifted Chinese scholars, has sent the world an invitation from Luling.




In the 21ST century era, technologies became the main focus in all industries. AmCap Limited established as a technology company back in year 2016 mainly developing software for clients around the world, covering oil & gas, accounting, engineering, construction, automotive and etc.

For the past years, Amcap venture into technology merging with financial which everyone call it financial technology (FinTech). The company vision indeed proven an astonishing result in year 2019 and successfully developed 3 new extraordinary system.

About 100 staff handles and integrates foreign exchange in sync with artificial intelligence in an extreme breaking new ground and innovational way to form this Artificial Intelligence Technology which consist of 9 in 1 system to able to create this system so brainy that it could predict and trade with a 98% success rate in the forex industry.

An arbitrage technology is a system that taking opportunity when there is possibility to instantaneously buy something for a low price and sell it for a higher price.

Recently Amcap have developed a latest system call the Economic Sharing Model platform where it possibly gather the biggest database around the globe. With the competency in technology together with financial wisdom by our CEO, Mr. Leroy Hamilton managing exceeding USD 8 Billion fund for the past 11 years, he is very clear what an investor need. AmCap have launched this platform to ensure all with and without experience investor to enjoy assistance and prosperity from this platform.

Nevertheless, partnership with the Imperial Pacific International Holdings which is listed at HKSE main board with 260 billion market value as our strategic partners to enhance AmCap vision and mission which absolutely assuring a bright future to all share holders.

Capturing the need of future, Amcap took extra miles venturing towards new technology to meet the future now. We have developed a group of softwares that include our latest COTC (Cloud Over The Counter) Platform, COTC Bank & COTC Coin. Each software integrates a unique mechanism where combining 3 of them together, it would solve plenty of the world issue for stock exchange industry yet to create better informed and more efficient financial markets, we organize securities into three markets based on the quality and quantity of information companies disclose.

OTC derivatives are significant part of the world of global finance. The OTC derivatives markets grew exponentially from 1980 through 2000. This expansion has been driven by interest rate products, foreign exchange instruments and credit default swaps. The notional outstanding of OTC derivatives markets rose throughout the period and totaled approximately US$601 trillion at December 31, 2010 and exceeded over US$1000 trillion as of December 31, 2018. This is why COTC come into picture where Amcap is developing now.

COTC platform trading service through Cloud Over The Counter(COTC) platform, it connects to leading U.S broker-dealers to provide liquidity & execution services for securities on market. Investors will too have access to data on thousands of securities through multiple channels globally. Nonetheless the companies choose to qualify for our COTC market or are by default traded on Pink OTC. Corporate Service products provide companies with solutions to better engage and inform investor.

COTC provides banks with shareholder-friendly trading experience through peer bench marking. It is dedicated to the capital market support and enhanced visibility to the global market. COTC helps investors to identify well managed and strongly capitalized financial institutions with an information rich and trusted public market comparable to a stock exchange.

COTC will be the world first OTC platform that allow all types investors to purchase any stock from the global leading stock exchange with fiat currency and also with certain crypto currencies. It also enhance the speed of transactions without the need to go through the stock broker. The platform will provide market analysis to allow users to obtain the latest trends and also instant reminders or notifications to all investors. With the cloud function where speed for transactions are very crucial for investors. In addition, the transactions are paperless and fully transparent where public can rest assure that COTC is tied up with the best security to protect investors interest.

Imagine 1 day a guy located at China able to purchase Facebook stock in the NASDAQ stock exchange by just purchasing it through an phone application. To enable this process, it involves that 3 softwares.Amcap has a saying that the way the world is going, it’s technology driven. It isn’t just driven by the old super powers, it’s driven by the far east and new emerging economies that brings financial technologies into picture. The future picture is there and Amcap is realizing the future now.

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