• Neue Fortschritte bei der Untersuchung des Mechanismus von Lianhua Qingwen-Kapseln zur Behandlung von COVID-19

    ​Kürzlich haben Prof. Caisheng Wu und Prof. Yifeng Chai von der School of Pharmacy, Xiamen University neue Fortschritte bei der Untersuchung der pharmakologisch aktiven Inhaltsstoffe und des Mechanismus von Lianhua Qingwen Kapseln bei der Prävention und Behandlung von COVID-19 gemacht. Das Ergebnis der Studie, "Screening of the Anti-COVID-19 Pharmacological Active Ingredients of Traditional Chines
  • Yutong совместно с компанией Mowasalat обслуживает Клубный чемпионат мира по футболу 2020 в Катаре

    4 февраля 2021 года в Катаре официально начался 17-й Клубный чемпионат мира по футболу ФИФА, в рамках которого в городе Доха собрались ведущие футбольные клубы из 5 континентов. Среди них такие звездные команды, как победитель Лиги чемпионов УЕФА — германский футбольный клуб «Бавария» и местный клуб Аль-Духайль. В чемпионате также приняли участие такие команды, как Палмейрас из Бразилии, Ульсан Хё
  • Equipped with UNISOC T618, ZTE Axon 20 4G with Under-Screen Camera Has Been Launched Overseas

    Shanghai, China, December X, 2020 - The 4G version of the flagship ZTE cellphone, the Axon 20 4G, with an under-screen camera, powered by a UNISOC T618 chipset, which is an 8-core CPU, is announced to be launched on the overseas markets such as Germany and Mexico.
  • The world’s first 4G camera-under-screen cellphone represents the coming era of the real full-screen cellphone

    The under-screen camera and the extremely narrow border can provide its users with bigger game graphics, and the length-to-width ratio is close to that of the movie screen-all bringing shocking visual effects.
  • BYD Wins the Largest Pure-Electric Bus Order outside of China

    Bogotá, Colombia - BYD is proud to announce that it has exclusively won cumulative orders to supply 1,002-unit pure-electric buses to the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This tender was open to all bus technologies, yet BYD won the trust and cooperation of its partners in the fiercely competitive bidding process thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, products and services. This is the largest order
  • Dab the 5G Era with the Perfume of Books and Fragrance of Ink — allow full rein to a better life with Hisense A7

    On Dec 22nd, Hisense’s new reading flagship cellphone A7 series was officially launched. This series is the continuation of the characteristics of Hisense A series' most typical ink screen design, namely e-ink screen, a kind of screen that uses electronic ink, which is also known as e-paper displays. This is the world's first 5G cellphone equipped with an ink screen, marking the official arrival o
  • BYD Delivers Largest Pure Electric Bus Fleet in Colombia

    Bogota, Colombia - On December 17, BYD announced the delivery of 470 pure electric buses to Bogota, the capital of Colombia. This is the country’s largest pure electric bus fleet, and also the largest bus fleet BYD has delivered in the Americas, which will effectively promote the already fast-growing electrified public transport systems in Colombia, Latin America and the entire Americas.
  • UNISOC and CTTL Helped Fibocom to Obtain the World's First Cat.1bis Module GCF Certification

    On December 21, 2020, UNISOC, China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) and Fibocom jointly announced that Fibocom L610-EU module was officially awarded the world's first 3GPP UE category 1bis module (Cat.1bis for short) GCF/CE/NCC certification, which marked that the Fibocom Cat.1bis module equipped with the UNISOC 8910DM chip has the overseas supply capacity officially.
  • New Sapphire Timepiece by AET REMOULD - Sapphire Daytona

    On Christmas Eve, AET REMOULD specially launched the sapphire Daytona Xmas, which uses AET REMOULD's iconic sapphire crystal material and creates a brand new sapphire crystal Daytona.
  • Industry's First 5G Terminal Slicing Solution Demonstrated

    SHANGHAI, Dec 4, 2020 - UNISOC, with China Mobile, ZTE and other industry chain partners, jointly completed an application demonstration of the world's first 5G terminal slicing target solution, which indicates that 5G terminal has been equipped with the slicing capability and can provide personalized and customized services for 5G users. The demonstration took place at the 8th China Mobile Globa


Jiashan China 2020 International Investment and Trade Fair Held Ceremoniously


The Jiashan China 2020 International Investment and Trade Fair was ceremoniously held on October 28th. A total of 600 people, including leaders of relevant departments in Zhejiang Province and Jiaxing City, and representatives of domestic and foreign merchants from the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Spain, attended the event. Jiashan County, one of the top 100 counties in China, holds an annual economic and trade fair —— Jiashan Trade Fair. It has been held for 17 sessions since 2003. Relying on the Jiashan Trade Fair, Jiashan County has been ranked among the top 10 counties in Zhejiang province for utilizing foreign capital for 18 consecutive years.

Jiashan today is not what it used to be!

At the Jiashan Trade Fair, Hong Hupeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiaxing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Jiashan County Party Committee, named nine Jiashan's top in one breath. He pointed out that Jiashan is the brightest water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It has the most distinct human genes of "good culture", the most top-notch major policy opportunities, the most first-class major planning opportunities and the most innovative major reform opportunities. Looking forward to the future, Jiashan welcomes people with kindness and is a blessed place for entrepreneurship and innovation. It will introduce the top scientific and technological innovation resources, attract the best high-end talents, provide the most superior financial ecology, and gather the best public services. Hong Hupeng expressed that he welcomes friends sincerely at home and abroad to pay attention to Jiashan, invest in Jiashan, participate in integrated development, share the development dividend of "dual demonstration," and jointly achieve the dream of a new era.

Future Jiashan is full of potential!

Xu Mingyang, head of Jiashan County, described the "future" of Jiashan to the guests with "five future scenes" when he introduced the theme of "Meeting Jiashan and Foreseeing the future." In terms of the future city, a demonstration area of "not Shanghai, but more than Shanghai" will be built. In terms of the future industry, several "internationally competitive" industrial clusters will be cultivated. In terms of the future entrepreneurship, a group of young entrepreneurs who "dare to create miracles" will gather; In terms of the future traffic, a traffic network which "will not be backward in 50 years" will be established; In terms of the future life, a kind of Jiangnan charm as " man and nature live in harmony" will be presented.

Similarly, the on-site signing data of this year's "Jiashan Trade Fair" perfectly interprets the present and future of Jiashan. During this " Jiashan Trade Fair," a total of 59 signed projects, the gross investment of 74.6 billion RMB for industrial projects, and the established fund of 18 billion RMB have been achieved, among which there are 4 projects from Global 500 and 3 projects over 10 billion RMB.

Both quality and quantity are the best over the past years. Jiashan county focuses on the cultivation and development of industries such as semiconductor, integrated circuit, high-end equipment, new material, AI, life and health, new energy, etc. which fully reflects the developing trend of Jiashan's future industry.

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